Nicole and Adam’s chocolate orange wedding cake

by katesimants

Ok, since you asked. Actually, Mrs Krzanowski, (Adam’s mum, not wife, eek) wanted this about 104 years ago and I failed to provide it, and since my sister-in-law just asked too – yer tis, as they say.

2-3 satsumas or other small orange chaps

6 eggs

2 tsp baking powder

200g ground almonds

200g caster sugar

60g cocoa

Boil the oranges in a bit of water (don’t let them dry out) until they’re completely soft. Takes about an hour or so.

Blend them violently and wait until they’re cold

Preheat oven to 180c

Add everything else to blended orange mixture

Bake in, you know, some kind of tin or cupcake cases or whatever, for somewhere between twenty minutes and an hour. Just, you know, check it, every so often.

Leave to cool and spread with chocolate icing and some suicidally cool holographic disco sprinkles off I said it, bitch! Jane fucking Asher!