Kate Simants

I write it. You read it. Splattering fresh brains into your eyes.

A novel in a month? It’s going to be appalling. Just saying.

Just signed up for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – ‘national’ being the US. I’ll give it my best shot, but listen. The first version of ‘The Blanks’ took a year and a half. The second version took about two months of planning, and then took from February to September to write, and it’s still not great.

But. That’s my inner Brit talking. To embrace this properly I’ll need to be less uptight. As they say on their site – It’s all about quantity, not quality. This approach forces you to lower your expectations, take risks, and write on the fly. I think it’ll be good practice. Anyone going to join me?


Staggering blindly, hands outstretched, onto your screen.

Hello? Is anyone there?

Oh. Just you. OK. It’s a start.

The first thing I’d like to tell you is that, the day after I finished my novel, ‘The Blanks,’ which you will soon be able to read excerpts from, my space bar stopped working.  It was toast-related. There may have been some jam. So now whenever I write anything, I either have to hit the bar REALLY BLOODY HARD or just go back and putspacesintoverylongwords. It’s fairly annoying. It could be a sign that I should stop writing. Or stop eating toast, perhaps.

Anyway. Do you want to read some of my book?